Find the fundamentals of Lyophitech in our equipments:

  • Safety

  • Performance

  • Reliability

  • Profitability

Lyophitech, designs and manufactures freeze-drying equipment. With adapted capacities to small productions, for Development activities and industrial productions.

With a patented technology, Lyophitech allows you to complete freeze-drying cycles from 6 to 12 hours according to the selection of parameters.

A robust design in stainless material with reliable components guarantees an excellent lifetime of the equipment. The pilot equipment is easily movable and cleanable.

The equipment ergonomics allows excellent recipes to define all freeze-drying parameters, quickly and simply.

An Ethernet IP connection allows  an easy remote monitoring and follow-up of the freeze-drying cycle operation.

Working with liquid nitrogen, Lyophitech equipment allows the possibility to trap all condensates down to -120°C ( -185°F )

Our Pilot lyophilizators


Loading capacity : 3 L


Loading capacity : 6L


Loading capacity : 10 L

Our industrial range :


Loading capacity : 130 L


Loading capacity : 330 L

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